Portable fail to meet bail conditions, sleeps in police cell over 14m debt


Nigerian music artiste Habeeb Okikiola, known as Portable, reportedly spent the night in police custody after failing to meet the bail requirements set following his arrest for defaulting on a N14 million debt owed to a car dealer in Lagos State.

A source confirmed the details on Wednesday, revealing that Portable had been unable to fulfill the bail conditions since his arrest the previous day. The source explained that Portable had purchased a G-Wagon valued at N27 million but only paid N13 million, refusing to settle the outstanding N14 million balance even after the dealer requested him to return the vehicle, citing dissatisfaction.

Despite efforts by the car dealer to recover the outstanding balance, Portable persisted in his refusal, claiming dissatisfaction with the vehicle as his justification for non-payment. The dealer eventually reported the matter to the police after multiple unsuccessful attempts to resolve the issue amicably.

State Police Public Relations Officer Benjamin Hundeyin confirmed Portable’s continued detention when contacted, explaining that the musician had not presented a suitable surety for his release. Hundeyin stated, “He remains in our custody as he has not provided a reliable guarantor.”

Two videos in circulation captured the moments when police attempted to apprehend Portable. In one video, Portable tried to evade arrest by fleeing, but officers pursued and apprehended him. The second video showed Portable resisting arrest as four policemen restrained him and placed him inside a police vehicle.

These videos sparked various reactions among viewers. While some criticised Portable for resisting arrest, others faulted him for not honouring his financial obligation and jeopardising his reputation in society. 

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