My dad co-wrote National Anthem but never got credit – Veteran singer, Eddy Remedy

Veteran singer and former member of The Remedies, Edward Ashiedu Brown, popularly known as Eddy Remedy, has claimed that his father was among those who wrote the Nigerian national anthem.

He said his father, Ashiedu Brown, a retired police officer, was in the Nigeria Police Band that composed the national anthem but all the credits were given to his boss, Benedict Elise Odiase, the director of the band.

The veteran singer noted that to date, his father has not been given any national honour for his contribution to the national anthem.

Eddy Remedy claimed his father’s sad experience made him oppose his son’s musical career because he believed that he would never be rewarded by Nigeria.

Speaking in a recent interview with Daddy Freeze, Eddy Remedy said, “Now I understand why my dad didn’t want me to do music. Because they did the same thing to him. My Dad was among those who wrote the national anthem. But what did he get? Did they give him any recognition? Instead, they gave all the credit to his boss, [Benedict] Odiase, who was the commissioner of Police then,” he lamented.



Credit: Dailypost

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