Avoid marrying a woman who can’t provide you with a monthly allowance– Daddy Freeze tells men

Prominent media figure Ifedayo Olarinde, also known as Daddy Freeze, has offered advice to men, suggesting that they avoid dating women who cannot provide them with monthly allowances. He emphasized the need for men not to shy away from marrying financially independent women, declaring “enough is enough.”

In a recent Instagram live session with his followers, the controversial On-Air Personality (OAP) encouraged men to assertively inquire about what women can contribute before deciding to marry them. Daddy Freeze stated, “Cease marrying women who lack financial independence. It’s time to draw the line! Before committing to marriage, ask her, ‘What contribution will you make to my life?’ Be courageous. Ask, ‘What monthly allowance are you willing to provide me?'”

He further expressed the belief that any woman unable to offer a monthly allowance is not a suitable match. Daddy Freeze urged men to avoid settling for partners who are financially inferior, drawing comparisons to high-profile marriages such as those involving the offspring of Adenuga and Dangote. He suggested that individuals should seek partners with comparable financial standing, emphasizing the importance of finding someone both attractive and proficient in intimate matters.

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