Governor Namadi insists on aptitude test for teachers recruitment in Jigawa State

Governor Namadi insists on aptitude test for teachers recruitment in Jigawa State

By Mikail Ajibola

Jigawa State Governor, Malam Umar Namadi, has underscored the importance of the planned aptitude test for the recruitment of 3000 teaching staff, emphasizing its role in ensuring transparency.

Governor Namadi addressed the concerns raised by J-Teach protesters opposing the scheduled aptitude tests aimed at transitioning them into permanent positions. The Jigawa State House of Assembly had previously approved the absorption of 3000 J-Teach staff out of the initially recruited 4,500.

The J-Teach program, introduced by the Jigawa State government, was designed to address the existing teacher gap in the state, providing temporary teachers to meet immediate educational needs.

Governor Namadi clarified the phased approach to absorb J-Teach staff into permanent positions. He stated, “The absorption of J-teach to permanent teachers is designed to be done in phases, and in the first phase, we want to absorb 3,000. This is to ensure justice for all.”

Explaining the rationale behind the aptitude test, Namadi emphasized that it aimed to select the best candidates from the pool of 4,500, ensuring that only qualified individuals secure permanent positions. Those who do not pass the test will continue to serve as J-Teach until the next recruitment cycle.

Governor Namadi added, “This aptitude test is necessary to ensure that only qualified candidates are recruited. We also have other plans for those who didn’t pass the test, including vocational training and empowerment.”

Addressing concerns about favoritism or unfair recruitment, Namadi assured that no candidate would be recruited outside the initial 4500 J-Teach staff. He further stated that the new date for the aptitude test would be announced, reinforcing the government’s commitment to a transparent and merit-based recruitment process.

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