Minister of Youth charge creative sector on creating meaningful content

Minister of Youth charge creative sector on creating meaningful content


The Minister of Youth Development, Dr Jamila Ibrahim, has urged youths in the creative sector to be intentional about their content.

She made the call in Abuja during the opening of the two-day 2023 Gender and Inclusion Summit organised by the Policy Innovation Centre (PIC).

NAN reports that PIC is an initiative of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) with the theme “Building Bridges: Advancing Gender and Inclusion through the Intersection of Trade and Health”.

According to her, the creative sector has a massive role in shaping the youth’s agenda, especially with the kind of content they put out.

She added, “We need to be very intentional with our songs and lyrics and also in driving messages through inspiration. “These messages are to reflect our morals, culture and values as a nation.”

Dr Ibrahim noted that Nigerian youths have had to combat the high rate of unemployment and ineligibility to thrive, which is corroborated by the ‘Japa’ movement and brain drain syndrome.

She, however, said that ‘Japa’ has its gains and its demerits but that the nation could make the most of the situation if properly harnessed.

Ibrahim was, however, positive about the situation of the Nigerian youth, saying, “We are not hopeless; our land is green and it’s ours to take and build.”

She noted that very soon, the ministry would unveil a blueprint for young people in Nigeria, which would be a reflection of what their aspirations are for the country.

“As youths, we must understand that power is not given, it is negotiated and is not an entitlement.

“This means that you bring real value to the table and that you understand what is at stake.

“We must seize every opportunity to develop the relevant skills that will make us valuable resources and be inevitable for us to be called to the table.

“We must also be willing to step forward and take challenging roles to demonstrate character and look beyond words to practically change the narrative of character flaws perverting our society”, she added.


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