Israel DMW: Ladies begging to replace my ex-wife

Israel DMW, Davido’s logistics manager, known as Israel Afeare, has revealed that numerous women are reaching out to him through direct messages, expressing their interest in becoming a substitute for his estranged wife, Sheila.

Israel recently confirmed his separation from Sheila, alleging that she and her family, particularly her mother, deceived him, and she left their marriage immediately upon gaining fame. He further stated that Sheila mocked him by referring to him as a “slave” for serving Davido and suggested that his dedication to his boss brought shame to their relationship. Sheila, however, denied all these accusations.

Presently, Israel has shared screenshots of messages from women in his direct messages, pleading to take Sheila’s place and become his new wife.

On his Snapchat page, accompanying some of these screenshots, he mentioned that he was noting down the requests from these women, stating, “I don hear una.”

In a subsequent post, Israel specified a change in his preferences, stating he no longer desires a “church girl” following his prior experiences. “I no do church again, ooh,” wrote Israel DMW.

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