Stand-up comedy is dying in Nigeria— Basketmouth

Stand-up comedy is dying in Nigeria— Basketmouth


By Mikail Ajibola

In a recent interview with Arise TV, popular comedian Bright Okpocha, also known as Basketmouth, lamented that stand-up comedy in Nigeria “is dying.” 

He pointed out the lack of structure and platform in the Nigerian comedy sector, unlike the music and movie industries.

“My colleagues will agree with me that stand-up comedy in Nigeria is actually dying. The culture of stand-up comedy is bleeding terribly.” He highlighted the absence of dedicated platforms and structures for comedy in contrast to the support enjoyed by the music and movie industries,” he emphasized.

Comparing Nigeria’s comedy industry to the United States, “In the United States, if comedians decide to go on tour, before they go on tour, they do comedy clubs across the states and try the materials repeatedly. But here in Nigeria, there’s no comedy club. There’s nowhere for you to practice your materials.” He underscored the challenges faced by comedians in Nigeria, citing the absence of a supportive system, platforms for new talent, and opportunities for practice and refinement of material.”

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