From All Empirical Indices Available, There’s No Hard Life In Nigeria

Please, stop telling me there’s hard life in Nigeria whenever you want to request for a favour from people like me. Don’t cajole me or attempt to be emotional with me. Whatever I will do for you, I will do for you but don’t be emotional with me.

From all empirical indices available, there’s no hard life anywhere in Nigeria. All I see every day is fun – Owambes, New Cars, New Houses, Birthday Parties, etc.

The irony of it is that the ruling party in Nigeria that you guys are kicking against is gaining more grounds like never before, winning more states seats everywhere in a magnificent way.

Imagine an Ebira man succeeding another Ebira man in Kogi under the platform of the ruling APC yet you want to tell me the people are displeased in Nigeria? What Yahaya Bello proved to us is that he owns Kogi State. He’s the strong man of Kogi State Politics.

Look at Uzodinma’s historic votes in Imo State yet you want me to believe the Igbo people are angry with the APC?

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