Village Attacked Twice, 17 Relatives Abducted In Kaduna

Two Abduction incidents occurred over the weekend in Udawa village, Chikun local government area of Kaduna State.

Unknown armed men stormed the community and started shooting sporadically, leaving several persons injured. 4 people were kidnapped on Friday, while 17 others were abducted on Saturday on their way to the farm at about 7am.
According to a village leader, Liman Hussaini,

“Yesterday, a family of 21 were going to the farm, but about one and a half kilometres away from home, they were attacked by gunmen.

You know there is serious hunger. People are finding it very difficult to feed, but now that the maize is done, many families depend on it to feed. We have started harvesting maize which we use for feeding because there is no food.

“The head of this family of 21 was riding on a bike with one of his sons and two daughters to the farm when the bandits opened fire on them after abducting 17 members of the family.

“The man was shot on the leg; the son was shot in the mouth. One of the daughters was shot on the chest; the other daughter was shot on the hand. The four of them were taken to a hospital in Kaduna.

“This is what has been happening in our community. Going to the farm is a serious risk. On the other hand, if you dont go to the farm, hunger will kill you and your family. So, we are faced with two dangerous options,” he added

There has been no statement from the police, this is a case of many other recent attacks in Kaduna.

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