Ondo: A Triangular Relationship of Good Leadership

By Olasumbo Faseesin

It is a general believe, that the Aketi administration in Ondo State bears a reflection of the Father, Mother and son participation. A tripod stand where any reasonable thinker whose mind is neutral can of course deduce and make independent opinion of the personalities involved.

To start with, Ondo State is blessed with diverse people, homes and persons. However, the Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN family otherwise the first family may have triggered a feeling and obviously, established a paradigm shift. This shift, may not be the usual practice, but we cannot remain old-fashioned doing the same thing and expecting improvement in leadership.

John C. Maxwell in his famous work had one time written a blasphemy. In what seem very incorrect, Maxwell, had quoted the need for leaders to exhibit leadership, and famously, put” LEADERS MUST LEAD FROM THE FRONT”

John C Maxwell probably had the Aketi family in mind many years when he authored the Poem “Leaders Aren’t Beast”

Flowing from the background, I took a grasp of few lines and the Betty family inspired the title above.

Mr. Governor, our father and brother is from Owo. No dispute as to source. He’s traceable like needle to a thread. Likewise, the much taunted Babajide otherwise Babse Aketi, is not only a son to the Governor but our own brother. I mean, your brother, my brother, our brother whose source is clear and unambiguous. He’s a native of Owo like you and I who hail from different town and village making up Ondo State.

For Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu, she’s our wife in Ondo State and a mother to the widow, our girls who daily strive to be BEMORE, attending various classes in the University with profound teachers, exploring, exploiting and harnessing potentials in our children herein Ondo State. Moreover, looking for, and building talents, evolving practical skills in the girls who are more competitive than it was in the past, Upscaling potentials, discovering and recreating self beyond dreams into reality.

Obviously, it’s no longer business as usual in Ondo State with the first family setting a template and ground breaking track record beyond the practice of patronage which merely revolves around getting the Federal allocation and sharing IGR while the state remain a shadow of itself, lean without development.

Sometimes, feeble attempts to erect short-term projects that may not see beyond the immediate purpose it was established.

Today, the BEMORE University is investing and building human capacity in our girls within Ondo State and very consistent with International Instruments, protecting the rights of our WOMEN and GIRL CHILD.

The Aketi family, in my semiosis depicts a huge masterstroke for onward leadership in Ondo State. We cannot afford to go less or, low. It is a standard we must seek to embrace regardless funny interpretation or, and needless aspersions against the family.

The Babajide we all can see has obviously taken responsibility. And by virtue of the enormous task around the corridor of power, he is entrusted to act pursuant to what otherwise suggests the project, “Ondo State NextLevel” Indeed, the Aketi family typifies the Educational description of late Baba Ajasin’s prescription under his theory and philosophy of Education where he described Education as having the composition of “head, heart and hand” and tag as “3h”.

The first family, although vilified, is like a tripod stand. A triangular shape and relationship aimed at improving the style of leadership in Ondo State away from the practice. We never had this resourceful minds with brilliant initiatives. It doesn’t matter if she’s Igbo, no LAW discriminates against marriage on ground of tribe or tongue. She’s Igbo and she’s adding value!

Ondo State is value driven and conscious by the tripod in Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN. beyond petty politics. We are indeed blessed as no one of the three can be said to be a liability given obvious contribution in the circumstance. It only behooves on you the responsibility to set a standard worthy of emulation. We shouldn’t allow needless strive shadow the good leadership in Ondo State.

The above, is however, open to criticism. Let’s discuss and dialogue issues. Yes, Father, Mother and Son. No act of incompetence! What are the issues……? Governance and leadership is gone beyond hating. We need to show love!

Olasumbo Faseesin Esq, Convener, Conscience Conscious Youth Patriot writes from Oba-Akoko, Ondo State.

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