CUPP Rejects Fuel Price Increase

For Immediate Release
2nd Sept 2020

Describes fuel increase as wicked, insensitive and a plot to kill more Nigerians with suffering, also plans on taking legal actions.

The CUPP will commence reach out and mobilisation of civil society organisations and organised groups for mass civil action.

The Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) has received with shock and disbelief the decision of the Muhammadu Buhari administration to approve astronomical increase in fuel price at this time that Nigerians are already suffocating under the weight of numerous taxes.

Opposition political parties note that this increase is coming barely one day after the increase in electricity tariff by this same government took effect.

“We therefore reject this senseless, heartless, insensitive and wicked increase in its entirety.”

The CUPP holds the view that this latest poison from the chalice of the All Progressives Congress’ government is meant to kill more Nigerians with suffering contrary to the oath Buhari swore to protect them.

“We are therefore calling on this government to rescind this unpopular decision with immediate effect.

Failure to do this, the CUPP will be taking a legal action to force this government to do so.

Apart from the legal option, we shall also begin to reach out with a view to mobilising civil society organisations and organised groups for mass action.The Opposition Coalition Human Mobilisation head,Barr.Kenneth Udeze will in the days ahead start meeting with organised groups to mobilise them to be on same page with the Opposition

We urge Nigerians to be ready to take active part in the proposed mass civil action in case the Federal Government, in its usual style, turns a deaf ear to our legitimate and patriotic call.”

Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere
National Spokesperson of Nigeria Opposition Coalition CUPP

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