NBA National Election: Yinka Sokoya, A Round Peg In A Round Hole

By Olalekan SOYOMBO Esq

In search of a credible voice and a refined personable clear headed character in the body polity of the Nigerian Bar Association at this critical time, YINKA SOKOYA as the BAR NATIONAL PUBLICITY SECRETARY becomes Tropical. My encounter with Yinka could be traced back to our formative years in the student movement while in University fifteen years ago. His lucid stand against oppression and injustice became discursive point of view for me as I immediately found same interesting

YINKA SOKOYA Popularly Known as AFRIKA was, though a two years old senior in the Law Faculty. While the line of seniority became inconsequential, his radical tendencies distinguished him from the crowd of the seniors. He was seen by many Juniors and seniors to be possessive of  classical progressive school of thought that is not common of many university students. These Sterling qualities had indeed endeared him to me and to many radicals back then in our university days. Having identified Yinka Sokoya as a genuine advocate of human rights with an obvious ideological persuasion, a strong pragmatic affinity between us sprouted naturally with obsessive enthusiasm for one another. His public advocacy for good governance, social justice, democracy and freedom had always made him a close partner whose association I deeply coveted even till this moment.
Of a fact was the new chapter of Leadership excellence opened in Ilesha branch of NBA as aided by Yinka Sokoya having been elected twice both as the branch PUBLICITY SECRETARY AND SECRETARY RESPECTIVELY. I had reasoned that his reputation, integrity, dutifulness, ideas and clout would greatly be of advantage for our NBA National leadership if Yinka Sokoya is elected as National publicity Secretary. And I reasoned right going by his indisputable records of Service as the immediate past executive members of NBA Ilesha branch! I construe this to be the testimony of assurance of his reliability if elected as the National Publicity Secretary of the Bar.

Beyond sentiment of affinity, Sokoya’s natural spur to resist oppression, instinctive spontaneity to defy authoritarianism and his impregnable commitment to civil liberty makes him my natural choice for the office of NBA National Publicity Secretary both as a Sure alternative to crass opportunism. As a student leader who had served in various capacities before BEING CALLED TO BAR THIRTEEN YEARS AGO, Sokoya, has been a consistent resurgence against brutality and inordinate absolutism. He’s of the school of thought that “justice is the first condition of humanity”. His resentment against oppression and injustice burns like the inferno of the mythical hade.

For Yinka Sokoya popularly known as AFRIKA by his numerous admirers, humanity and its happiness are the tunnels through which he travels his mind in the visualisation of social problems. Anything that denies man his inalienable rights, is for Yinka Sokoya, an abhorrent act that must be condemned in the strongest terms. He is predictably obdurate and conscientiously unapologetic for his repetitive fidelity to the triumph of human freedom, primacy of his liberty and elevation of his essence as the sole creed that all must serve.

My learned Seniors and esteemed colleagues, in the light of the aforementioned narrative, I present to you, the candidature of YINKA SOKOYA as the National publicity Secretary of NBA. He is Tested and Trusted. He is a patriot in words and in deed. He had borne out an errands for progress with commendable constancy. He is an ardent believer in the rule of Law, with passion for defending Law as it is, and with ultimate quest for Law as it ought to be. For our Bar to be the leading light in the quest for a new Nigeria where egalitarianism takes pre eminence, solid representative with history and record of progressivism are needed beyond sentiment and reactionary considerations

Gabriel Olalekan SOYOMBO is a practicing Lawyer based in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State

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