I want more women to chin up and take charge – Linda Ikeji

Africa’s most successful media entrepreneur and blogger, Linda Ikeji, has reaffirmed her commitment to women empowerment by getting set for the yearly women empowerment programme titled “Selfmade Woman Conference” on April 25, 2020, in Lagos, Nigeria in partnership with ECOBANK.

“I am very passionate about women and very inspired by successful women. I want more women to believe in themselves, fight for their dreams, be financially independent, believe that there’s nothing they can’t accomplish.

The conference is to mentor and inspire women with dreams and aspirations.

” Speaking further, Linda said, “It seems the world is more skewed towards making a man more successful than women, or at least that’s the narrative most of our generation was given.

“So, those of us who have broken through the myth has the duty to take as many other women as possible with us.

We need more women to succeed. We need more women to head conglomerates. We need more women making an impact.

We need more women shattering tables,” Linda said of the conference. The blogger has over the years used her voice and platform to encourage young Nigerian women to be financially independent and resourceful while providing funding and support for them to kick start their businesses.

Since 2015, Linda Ikeji has given over N30million of her own personal money to empower over 40 female entrepreneurs, with quite a few of them going on to have successful small scale businesses The first edition of the “Selfmade Woman Conference” which held in April 2017 was successful as it hosted over 3,000 young women.

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