Yoruba World Congress Declare Amotekun Day, says Yoruba people Should keep the spirit Alive

The Yoruba World Congress (YWC), an umbrella body of all Yoruba Socio-cultural and self-determination groups within and beyond Nigeria has announced the last Saturday of every month as AMOTEKUN DAY.

In a statement issued on thursday by the Yoruba Leader, Emeritus Professor Banji Akintoye and confirmed by the Secretary-General of YWC, Prof. Anthony Kila, congratulated Yoruba people for refusing to back-down on Amotekun.

He appreciated the people of Yoruba Land for trooping out on 21st January 2020 to demonstrate their support for the establishment of Operation Amotekun, stressing that event before and after the solidarity walk has made it sacrosanct and imperative to keep the spirit alive.

“I proudly congratulate the Yoruba Nation at home and abroad, Yoruba men, women and children, Yoruba of all professions, all religions and all ways of Life for the Great Popular support that they gave to AMOTEKUN on Tuesday 21st January 2020.

“We must keep the spirit alive and for that purpose, we ask that every first   Saturday of every month shall be among us known as AMOTEKUN DAY. At home and abroad, and on AMOTEKUN day, these are the things we will do:

“We will wear some sort of articles of clothing that is emblematic of AMOTEKUN. It can be your head tire, it can be your scarf around your neck, it can be your handkerchief, it can be any part of your bigger clothing, it can be your shoes and whatever.

“The second thing that we will do on AMOTEKUN day is that we shall greet one another with the message of AMOTEKUN. Anyway you like, E KU AMOTEKUN O, E N LE O AMOTEKUN and so on.

“The Third thing is we should erect Amotekun Flag in all the villages and LGAs in Yoruba Land every first Saturday of the month.

“As Ooni has declared on the day of Amotekun launch, every YORUBA MAN is AMOTEKUN,” Akintoye declared.

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