Man escapes with N10,000 after helping woman at ATM stand

Drama occurred at a First Bank branch at Orie Agu in Ehime Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State on Thursday after a man in his late 20s escaped with the money meant for a woman he assisted to operate an ATM.

The woman, said to be about 55 years old, had approached the young man to assist her in withdrawing money from the ATM using her card.

The woman had asked the man to help her withdraw N60,000, but instead, the suspect withdrew N70,000.

A source said, “A woman had approached the ATM point and asked a young man on the queue to assist her withdraw N60,000. She did not know how to operate the ATM.

“However, instead of withdrawing N60,000 as instructed, the boy withdrew N70,000.

“He gave N60,000 to the woman and left immediately without doing his own transaction.

“However, the bank alert the woman got on her phone showed that she was debited N70,000, while the man gave her only N60,000.”

The source said that the woman quickly raised the alarm, but the man was not found.

A staff of the bank urged people to approach bank’s security personnel to assist them, instead of giving their ATM cards and PIN codes to strangers.

He said it was dangerous, adding that the bank would not be held responsible for any loss.

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