Trending: Ghanaian actor Chris Attoh shades ex-wife Damilola Adegbite in New Year post, shares adorable pictures

Famous Ghanaian actor Chris Attoh has gotten some of his fans talking after stylishly shading his ex-wife, Damilola Adegbite, in his New Year post on Instagram.

On Tuesday, January 1, Attoh shared a picture of him with his new wife on Instagram as he wishes his fans happy New Year. In his message, he thanked God for making it into 2019 and most importantly, stepping into the New Year with his woman who he referred to as Queen G.

The part of his message which got his fans attention was where he talked about flourishing where you your most appreciated. He added that a man cannot discover new oceans expect he is ready to lose sight of the shore.

His post reads: “Day 365 of 365 we made it, Thank you Jesus!!! I’m going into the New year with my best friend and Queen ‘G’ grateful!!! So what if God plants dreams in our hearts to show us how spectacular he can be and how spectacular we can be!!! I’ve learned that a man will flourish where he is appreciated and where he applies himself, but he cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to loose sight of the shore. When u don’t know where Life is taking u, u are never lost, only trust God and the dreams he has placed in your heart. I want to say Thank u, everyone who blessed me and brought me closer to God in 2018, In 2019 let me remind you to work like u don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt, dance like no one is watching, and pray like ur life depends on it, in 2019 be happy, laugh a lot, make a positive difference in someone else’s life and urs will be touched too. Appreciate everything, even the hard and dark times, for there is a blessing just beyond the Lesson. Put God first in everything, keep the past in the past, Be present in the present & pray for the future. May God grant all ur hearts desires! I bless you all in Jesus’s mighty name and I wish you the very best of an amazing, exciting, new year! Happy New Year!”

One of his Instagram followers said: “I am surprised to see people carried their bitterness into the first day of 2019. I thought y’all left it in 2018. You come here and you cast aspersions on a man you know nothing about regarding his past marriage. Do you know what battles he had to fight? No one knows what happens in other people’s marriages so please, don’t the judge from the outside. Face your own problems and thank me later if you wouldn’t feel at peace. Haba.”

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