Yvonne Nwosu Shares List Of Certain Requirements Her Husband-To-Be Must Meet

Fashion designer, Yvonne Nwosu wants to get married before the end of this year.
In a post via Instagram, Yvonne revealed that she promised her father she will tie the knot before the end of the year
However, anyone trying to be her husband must meet certain requirements.
The list is as follows;
1. Must be God fearing.
2. Single or (divorced)
3. Any nationality is fine.
4. 5″11 to 6″2 (height).
5. Flat or big tummy is fine.
6. 33yrs to 45yr old.
7. He must be financially capable!
8. Must be generous.
9. Adventurous and open minded.
10. Cassava must be ‘BIG’ and must be skilled at using it.
11. And most importantly…. your down south game must be on point.
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Credit: Gistreel

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