Peter Obi: An 11-Year-old Told Me I Don’t Keep My Promises, Nobody Tells You Truth In Govt

Peter Obi, former governor of Anambra state and running mate to Atiku Abubakar, presidential candidate of the People Democratic Party (PDP) says people hardly tell you the truth in government.
Speaking at the just-concluded Nigerian Economic Summit (NES24) in Abuja on Tuesday, the former governor said it took an 11-year-old schoolgirl to tell him he was not keeping his promises.
“For me, what I will say to all of us here is that government is not working today. It didn’t work in the past, don’t think it was working when I was there, it didn’t work in the past, it is not working today,” Obi said.
“I have served, I can tell you, the government is far apart from the people. What we need to do is to see that there is no other country except this one, and engage them (government).
“I was governor for eight years, I hardly see people tell me ‘you’re doing the wrong thing’, everybody tells me ‘you are super, since you came the world has changed’, and that is the problem.
“Nobody tells you anything. I use this example wherever I go, it took an 11-year-old child in school to courageously tell me I don’t keep my promise.
“I went to their school to say something, and I came back, and she asked a question, ‘governor why, you didn’t keep your promise?’ Nobody tells me.”
Obi added that the current government has not been keeping its promises, therefore, citizens should engage them to keep them accountable.
“On the issue of corruption, I am not saying people shouldn’t shout anti-corruption, but let’s start dealing with it, let us work on it, stop it from escalating.
“People are actually celebrating corruption every day. I see it as I walk around every day. Like they say, let us start with ourselves by saying ‘oh, we can’t be part of it.’
“I have somebody who has just invited me to an occasion that is coming up in two week’s time and it is supposed to be an occasion to celebrate jubilee and everything, but I know it is a product of corruption and people will be there to celebrate with him.
“Pastors will be there, praying that God should give him more and they know it is corrupt money. For me, it is not working, let us deal with it.”

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