Nigerian Lady Cries Out After Her Husband Held Her Hostage In Germany

A Nigerian lady, Adenike Obaoye has taken to Facebook to expose her husband who currently held her hostage in Germany
According to the Nigerian lady, she is being held hostage by husband after he started off a game to reportedly test her loyalty. Read her post below;
Hi Facebook Friends, my husband Willoughby Gbolade Adeola is acting out another script again this night October 18, 2018. Since the Month of May when I became aware about the Adidas game ‘They’ claimed they are playing to test my loyalty, etc. All hell has been let loose at home. The urgent plot this night (October 18, 2018) is my husband came home from work, he changed his job to permanent Night shift in the month of May but from Tuesday October 16, 2018 he said he’s on change of shift for two weeks and since last week Friday, there had been several emergency emails and calls of people wanting to gain entry into our apartment at all cost especially after my husband lied against me that I have lost my sanity since the month of May 2018.

He came home this evening with burgers for the children and I pleaded that for the two weeks till October 31, 2018 that I will fully be at home with the children, I’m not able to take them to the kindergarten because of the body aches I have, my husband flared up, threatened that October 18 will be my last night, he disconnected the Wi-Fi internet at home and has rushed out that he’s going to the Psychiatric Station for them to come and get me this night October 18, 2018.
While I await his return with staff of the Psychiatric hospital, this same thing has been done twice since the month of May, 2018 but they usually let me go home whenever they hear me speak.
I recorded some of his threats this night October 18, 2018 and I have sent to some close friends who always argue with me that he is a very good father to reach out to him and talk with him.
N.B- Please friends, I do not need any of you to invite police into our apartment this night cos it has also been the ploy in the past but I am publicly putting this post again for the world to take note of a victim of domestic violence that is about to be forcefully taken to the Psychiatric Station and probably get harmed because my husband Willoughby Gbolade Adeola has an hidden agenda and lied that I have gone mad since they claim to have started the Adidas game I never subscribed to.
Update- at 7.24pm, he came back into the house, took away my laptop out of the apartment and locked the children and I in a room cos I stopped him from wanting to take the children out this night. It’s part of their Adidas game to set me up for identity fraud and use ‘policemen’ to get me at all cost. I can hear him rumbling the house and took some documents as well as I peeped through the key hole. He is threatening if I don’t delete this post this night October 18, 2018. The children and I will remain locked in a room with no chairs/bed.
I just did a live video on Facebook at as my husband locked the children and I up in a room with no access to the bathroom but the moment he realised I connected on Facebook live he came wanting to smash my phone and he has taken the children out in the cold now at
Fatoki Taiye Timmy please I don’t need your police intervention as you did the other time on this Adidas game.
Update as at 8.35pm, October 18, 2018. He has taken away my phone chargers to keep me offline whenever this battery runs down. He has also taken my second phone away, my laptop and he has stripped me off my bank card, insurance card and transport card. He also took the children out this night all to meet a deadline that has been fixed before October 31, 2018 to be achieved.
I anticipated this kind of heavy storm since he changed duty from his permanent night shift in May to a 2-week shift change. My health has been deteriorating from constant slow poisoning from my husband Willoughby Gbolade Adeola.
Update at 10.45pm, he came back home with the children, he has taken my phone chargers and a copy of my key to the apartment that if he leaves for work tommorow morning, I won’t be able to leave the house and will be offline when my phone battery runs down with no chargers to communicate with people. He has also disconnected the Wi-Fi at home.
Now at 12.50am. That I was already sleeping. Some people have come into the house talking to him claiming police has come into our house. I didn’t call the police. The police said they are bringing some doctors to take me to the psychiatric station now at 12.50am. I am asking the police to beg him to give me my phone chargers which my husband still refused to do. The police have now called their psychiatric doctors that they are taking me away at past 1am. Now October 19, 2018. My husband is insisting they must take me away this midnight and not during daytime in the morning. At 1.25am, after a lot of pleading, the police officers and the emergency doctors have left our apartment but I’m yet to get my phone chargers and my key to the apartment back from him.

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