Veteran Nigerian Actress, Joke Silva, Shared A new photo on Instagram And Tells Fans Not To Be Deceived By Social Media

Joke Silva, a veteran Nollywood actress, has stunned her fans with a new photo she shared online.

The respected actress was all shades of glow in the new photo which showed her rocking a pink skirt and a white blouse.

Along with the photo, she shared some words of advice to her fans, telling them not to be deceived by what they see on social media.

She wrote: “Don’t be deceived by what goes on on social media. Obviously there is something else such actors are doing, perhaps other businesses to shore up their income.

“The reality is that on the earning capacity of an actor in Nigeria, you cannot have that sort of lifestyle in this economy. Yes part of our industry is to have glamour but also the other part is to have reality”.

“~ Part interview from the latest issue of @genevievemagazine”

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