Five Enthralling Phrases Now Being Used Heavily By Nigerian Youths

Nigeria is as interesting as it is fascinating. One of her capabilities is the ability to attribute meaning to words, behind its original meaning, or create new words entirely.

Some of these distinctive words and phrases are commonly used while conversing. Here are some of the very familiar and interesting ones:

How far

Originally, how far was as a way to check up on an ongoing situation. However, how far is now used as a way of greeting, as opposed to ‘hello or hi’. It could mean, how are you? How have you been?

I dey

This here is a plus because it is technically a reply to ‘how far?’. It also emphasises the extent of how well you are. On this note, it is alright to say: I dey oh, I just dey.

As in eh

Usually, the phrase ‘as in’ is a question that begs for more clarification on whatever is being talked about. However, this is not the case here. Hence, ‘as in eh’ means ‘very true’ or ‘your assertion is correct’. The addition of the ‘eh’, qualifies the agreement.

Oya na

This phrase has the ability to accept a new meaning as the day progresses including saying goodbyes. Initially, oya na was a phrase popular to the Yoruba’s which means “hurry up” until it began to be used to refer to other things. The difference in its meanings is observed in the cadence while pronouncing. Oya na could mean okay, do whatever you want to do, answer me, let’s go, take care and so many others.

Be feeling yourself

It sounds very funny, yes. This is a sarcastic way of telling someone to quit self-hyping himself.

For your mind

This here and ‘be feeling yourself’ practically have the same meaning.

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