Osun Decides 2018: Police Arrest Four Suspected Thugs In Ile-Ife

The Police have arrested four suspected thugs in Ile-Ife.
They were found with wraps of IndIan Hemp in their pockets.
The four rode on a bike and the Police said they were suspected to be political thugs.
They were caught around More in Ile-Ife, not too far from the Ooni’s Palace.
A Chief Superintendent of Police Aliyu Shuaibu, who led a team of other officers, told our reporter that the suspects could not satisfactorily explain their mission.
He said: “They were four on top of a bike, with tattoos. We suspected them and stopped them, knowing that they had a mission.
“From their physical appearance and their hairstyles, we suspected they were political thugs.
“We checked their pockets only to see several wraps of Indian Hemp, indicating they were ready to go and smoke and then go and cause trouble. That’s why we took them in.”

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