Dolapo Badmus And Victoria Inyama Fight Dirty Over Babymama Scandal

Police PRO, Dolapo Badmus who took to Instagram to advise young girls that being a baby mama is not worth it, was dragged into an exchange by Nollywood actress, Victoria Inyama.
According to her, being a baby mama can make ones life miserable, especially when the lady cannot afford to feed herself.
However reacting to the post, Victoria Inyama slammed Dolapo Badmus for sharing a post she claimed debases women.
Sharing the comment, Dolapo Badmus wrote;
This is what I got from one past actress for speaking to the younger ones on how to be careful!!! Since she forgot she’s a public person and decide to go this way then……..
Firing back at the police PRO, Victoria Inyama shared chats between her and Dolapo Badmus. Victoria Inyama;
Part 1. But am I just have to respond to a cacafuego. Her messages to me is ludicrously buncombe so I will reply this ninnyhammer
D fact that no one understands u does not make you an artist
This must be fake Opetodolapo cause
a sharp tongue does not mean you have a keen mind as your IQ is certainly lower than your shoe size, just in case this is d real person. I just want to ask, are you really this flagitious & quisquilian? What language are u speaking cause it sounds like bullshit, referring to ma 2 lovelies, Where were you in d late 90s when I started staring in Zeb Ejiro’s Ripples I am a mom of 3, Motherhood is my biggest Achievement . I see d Fuck-up Fairy left messages in my DM . I can’t be an Actress forever na . U think life did not treat me well? I am a cancer survivor, many have died & are still dying . I cannot thank God enough . I am Alive!!!!!! U honestly should have been born in d Dark Ages cause I see a lot of Darkness in your tone, gosh, U sure look terrible in d light!
How exactly do you guide d younger ones? By scornfully shaming them? Most Baby Mamas are now d best loved wives!! So this advice to them must have been an advice to U! Most got into that situation by mistake, lack of advice & direction but an innocent child is involved, so you advice by abuse?
Hey don’t let your mind wonder- it’s far too small to be let out on its own, it’s truly me, Victoria Inyama Am I a Baby Mama? Yes! My children are my babies! May God bless all d women that are praying for babies.
Your messages to me portrays U as seemingly cretin to be honest. U want to help me get help with child support, as a British police officer or with your remarkable benefits of bump & grind U clearly have delusions of adequacy.
U have all d virtues that majority of good people in your society dislike & no vice that they admire!! Listen to d cry of your people & help reduce Police Brutality & injustices. Stop sitting on your high horse, U sit in your supposedly impressive office looking like an envelope without any address on it.
I apologise for making you sleepless but I was just being Fearlessly honest. I am too far away for you to send your machineries to hurt me cause tone speak SARS
Elie Wiesel” ‘We must always take sides- Neutrality helps d Oppressor-Never d Victim- Silence Encourages d Tormentor- Never d Tormented ‘
Apart from my 1st degree at D Great University of Lagos Akoka, I did a full 3yrs Acting & Drama performance course in Identity Drama School, Hackney, London. Numerous short courses & have certifications on Drugs & Substance Abuse, Counselling & Mental Health Talking Therapy, I am currently a final yr student of D University of East London majoring in Psychosocial Studies, let me tutor you a bit ma’am.
Psychosocial Studies explores new ways of researching d relationship between individuals & their Society….. psychologically managing individuals in d context of d combined influence that psychological factors & d surrounding social environment have on their physical & mental wellness & their ability to function. This knowledge empowers me to openly, fearlessly without bias defend where necessary & to whom it concerns. So on d contrary I love people & use humanist reasoning in my opinions. Do u know how it feels to be pregnant? Have u experienced d pain of child birth, then with d added stress & torture of being rejected by one who once professed love? Have you ever genuinely been in love especially young love?
U have a voice but you use it ridicule & oppress.
U claim u initiated #entertainmentmeetsecurity# I read on blogs how your police & Sars officers constantly kill & maimed some entertainers & hundreds of young people U are supposedly mentoring. How many of those officers have been punished?? Do u want to be mentoring them in their graves??? I can only explain it to U, I cannot understand it for U, U consistently set low expectations & still fail to achieve them.
D role of a Police PRO in a summery is communicating with a verity of audiences, particularly d media using management oriented, proactive techniques that are consistent with established public relations models thereby performing a wide array of traditional relations activities that will be instrumental in moving law enforcement from a closed to a more open effective system of communication, engagement & inclusion.
And so as this is your last message, I there-say D police force may not be d best for now but hopefully it can improve…….. soon….. d only constant thing in life is change and Nigerians are changing…. aware of sense / nonsense but hey don’t think about it, it may sprain your brain. U claim U want to make me relevant where? U have a mechanical mind & your agro towards my comment on instablog made u forget to wind it up this morning Pls stop being a blueprint to build an idiot, U too beautiful for that. I am happy & blessed as I am but U won’t understand, misery floats like oil on fresh water if I wanted relevance I would climb up your ego & jump on your IQ but that’s too easy.
U understand I am a product of a bitter marriage ….that’s my past, it’s not a life sentence and alas,…….I pray u experience that bitterness too…… I hope you are married with children cause I pray you taste that side of life……and I noticed u just sent me laughing emojis, we both doing exactly d same thing just your laughter gene pool could use a little chlorine.
I live in a sane society & I’m guided by certain laws. I commented on a post on insta blog, I didn’t tag you, I just made a non biased comment but U charge at me at whatever time, U don’t scare me…. I swear down, u are basically being tolerated but it’s not to late to change…… 2019? Elections.. new administration loading.
Try & sleep well tonight cause sleeplessness causes psychological hallucinations which could lead to buncombe statements. Good night & God bless you……… And ermmmm did I also mention that u look good in uniform. God bless Nigeria

Dolapo Badmus who reacted to call out posts from Victoria Inyama wrote;
I can’t stop laughing now, when some people think they can speak English and only one response they have gone to obahiagbon for research…. I’m done and dusted with that! Please note blood flows in public office holders too, everyone deserves to be respected regardless of positions positive vibes only because it’s Friday!

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