China To Become World’s Largest Country Of Organ Transplants By 2020

China is expected to have the most organ transplant surgeries in 2020, said Huang Jiefu, Director of the China National Organ Donation and Transplantation Committee.
Huang said this at the opening of 3rd China International Organ Donation Conference in Xi’an on Friday.
Huang said that the number of registered volunteers for organ donation in China had neared 615,000 with 19,380 successful donation surgeries resulting in 54,956 organs transplanted as of Sept. 9.
“China’s organ transplantation technique and safety control have improved markedly,” Huang added.
“We are willing to share our experience and wisdom in this field with other countries.’’
”China will strengthen the development of its organ transplantation work within the legal and ethical framework and build an even more fair and efficient system,” said Guo Yanhong, Vice Director of the Medical Administration Division of the National Health Commission.

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