NGO urges FG to enforce laws prohibiting human trafficking

Devatop Centre for African Development (DCAD), an NGO, has urged the Federal Government to enforce laws against trafficking and irregular migration to curb human trafficking in the country.
Mr Joseph Osuigwe, the Executive Director of the organisation, made the call at a news conference on Friday in Abuja.
Osuigwe said the briefing was aimed at addressing rising cases of human trafficking from Nigeria to Spain.
The executive director revealed that victims of human trafficking were often forced into prostitution, pornography, child labour, suicide bombing and ritual activities in other countries.
Osuigwe said human trafficking has contributed in great measures to the ongoing humanitarian crisis around the globe, hence the need to make laws to end the menace.
“There are many Nigerians trafficked to Spain for sexual and labour exploitation and more than 10,000 Nigerians have died within a year.
“More than 30,000 victims of human trafficking die every year as a result of torture, hunger, disease, neglect and abuse.
“Nigeria has become a fertile ground for human trafficking with the highest number of victims, due to lack of social protection for those living in poverty.
“Human trafficking seems to concern only civil society organisations, may be because political leaders feel it does not affect them directly
“So, I want to call on our government to put up good laws that will prohibit and if possible bring trafficking to a complete end,” he said.
The director urged government and civil society organisations to tackle the seemingly endless losses of Nigerian lives caused by irregular illicit migration, calling for a political commitment to end it.
“From what is happening, human trafficking has become an endemic problem in Nigeria, the rich are not totally exempted from the negative impact of this outbreak if not checked.
“It has become important to curb the activities of persons engaged in the illicit and irregular migration business.
“These set of people have lured many desperate youths into their untimely deaths,” Osuigwe said.
The director, however, advised youths in the country to desist from any act that would warrant them being trafficked or lured into prostitution and committing other crimes.
Osuigwe also urged the National Assembly to support the call enacting tougher laws against human trafficking in the country.

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