2019: Female Presidential Aspirant Urges Women To Contest For Elective Positions

A female presidential aspirant, Dr Elishama Ideh, has urged women to participate actively in the 2019 general elections by contesting for elective offices.


Ideh, who is an aspirant on the platform of the Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN), gave the advice in an interview with TheElite Times in Epe, Lagos State, on Wednesday.


Ideh said that women had been shortchanged over the years from occupying some key positions in governance.


She said that women should contest for elective offices of their choice, to exhibit their potential.


“Public officers should give women the opportunity to actively participate in governance.


“We must be given equal opportunities to participate and play our roles as public officers.


“It is against this backdrop that I am seeking to join the race for the number one office in the nation,’’ she said.


According to her, women have been deliberately denied the opportunity to display their administrative skills as public officers.


Ideh further affirmed that women who had been privileged to serve in elective positions have proven to be more active than their male counterparts.


“At this critical time when the country is going through tough times, women are the only people with capacity to redirect the economy back on track.’’


She promised to alleviate poverty, ease public suffering, enhance national security and stem corrupt practices.


Ideh also said that she would create employment opportunities, increase investment planning and stabilise the economy, if given the opportunity to serve as president.

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