Manager of Payment Platform, Naija Green Card Join Assembly Race in Ekiti

By Shina Awopeju



Our nation in the recent years celebrated her centenary, which marks the hundred good years of our existence as a nation. It is therefore worrisome that the fate of the nation leadership is still unsusceptible to the progress of the Nigeria indigent despite the years of our existence and experience.


Given to the fact that leadership at all levels have failed to be responsive to the wellbeing of the subjects but rather resulted to continuous “hope-given” style instead of pursuing and realizing the fulfilment of the promise our forefathers gave to our generation and the political heritage handed to our leaders who directly understudied our grate grand political fathers, the fact still remains that we need passionate and committed persons who understand the pains of the people deeply and feel same to man the affairs of his people in other to guaranty the fulfilment of their hope and aspirations.


Considering the history of my immediate constituency and the urgent needs for a viable leadership which will in turns bring to the faces of my people the desire smile and happiness necessitate my concern and propelled my appearance in the politics of Ekiti in this dispensation having understood the terrain of my constituency to be one where political power is an effective tool needed productively in the course to embrace service to human kind.


Hence,in the struggle to end the terrain of promise and advance to era of fulfilment, I humbly offer myself for effective, robust and responsive representation to bring about the fulfilment of good and better lives that my people had hope to experience.




I was born into the family of Late Elder Sunday Owolabi Bewaji and Mrs Arike Olayinka Bewaji some decades ago and started my education with primary education in 1988 at Ola-oluwa Nursery and Primary School, Iju-Itaogbolu, Ondo State.


The leadership expertise in me was displayed while I was serving as the NANS JCC Chairman Ekiti Axis where the most smoothened and convivial Students and government relationship was ensured and strengthened with a view to provide soft landing for the successive leadership.

Given to the above verifiable antecedent of mine, I feel more convinced and confident that I have the best solution and approach to the leadership threat that has bedeviled my people in the past decade and therefore present myself for the task. In view of this, I Comrade Bewaji .B. Oluwadamilarehereby ask for your cordial support and mutual advisory reactions towards the realization of my aspiration as I humbly lean on your influence and support in vying to represent my constituency, your constituency and our constituency, Ekiti West constituency 1 at  Ekiti state House of Assembly under our amiable party, ALL PROGRESSIVES CONGRESS (APC). I believe that we are strong enough to bring our changeful thought to our doorstep and with the voice of God, the masses decision will surely prevail.

Bewaji Bewaji


My mission entails the familiarization of our natural upgrowth to both the young and the old. Our choice to represent will be a decision of fate as our agenda will comprise of the notable areas of human development in our dear constituency… My Agenda is as follows…


Facilitating durable constituency projects to camps, villages and towns of the constituency as much more State incentives, most especially Electricity in Eka-meta axis and appointment will be lobbied for.


Promoting Health maintenance and the improved availability of health facilities at respective health delivery unit.


It will be a government where democracy will be given a crucial attention. Suggestions and opinions will be widely accepted as grassroot meetings involving the Oba in councils of each town under the constituency, the old aged and the youths will be put in place.

  1. EDUCATION: Ensuring a formidable and attractive Education services from the primary to the tertiary level as bill demanding for Free Education will be collectively sponsored.


  1. Construction of Ultra modern classrooms in twin villages across the constituency which will also comprise of the donation of notebooks, textbooks and writing materials to the students.


  1. Facilitating scholarship funds and state bursary for the Students at tertiary level.


  1. Embracing all town Student Union government as a member of the advisory committee situated majorly for the development of the constituency multi-sectional development unit.




Farmers will be supported by the Involvement of Agricultural Development Mortgage Organizations where farmers will be encouraged on how to develop a mechanized agricutural services through merited monetization policies. Farmers will be supplied agricultural equipments, quick germinating seedlings and huge land will be cultivated for the plantation of crops for Subsistence and commercial purposes.


  1. Youth Empowerment and Social welfare scheme.


The Youths will be muchly empowered through Skill acquisition program where every youths will be taught various vocational skills. This will promote the economy of the constituency as materials will be provided at free hand to the graduating members of the empowerment scheme.


We are certified of our interest as my past antecedent as the erstwhile NANS JCC Chairman, Ekiti State makes an hopeful Change. I hereby beseech every sons and daughters of our Dear constituency that this is the train of fulfilment where our submissions to join the hopeful train will be gallantly recorded.


And light will shine in darkness…..


The time to translate all political promise to fulfilment is here


Fresh  Ideal….New Direction!!!

Oluwadamilare Bewaji,


Ekiti West Constituency 1,

Ekiti West Local Government,

Ekiti State!!




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