Third Term Rep Member, Oluwole Oke Declared Non Grata by Constituent

By Damilare Adeniyi
Hon. Wole Oke, a third term Member of House of Representatives representing the people of Oriade/OBOKUN Federal Constituency in the National Assembly has been declared persona non grata by some youths in his constituency.

Speaking on behalf of some youths in Ijebu Ijesa, the headquarters of the constituency, Mr. Damilare Adeniyi accuse the Honourable for insulting the sensibilities of the people he represents on facebook.

The statement reads:

“We are shocked by the public post of Mr. Wole Oke, member representing Oriade/Obokun in the House of Representatives on his Facebook platform just recently. Said post brazenly insults the sensibilities of the people of Ijebu Ijesa Land and must be condemned for its condescending insinuations.


“Wole Oke, in his Facebook post, boasted about a N7.5million ‘donation’ at the Egboro Day he made to the people of Ijebu Ijesa and insinuated that the people of Ijebu Ijesa had no real value because their love for him was premised on his cash gifts to them. He even boasts and asks, “Can someone love Egboro land more better than me with such a huge amount of money?”.
“We make bold to say that the people of Ijebu Ijesa are not beggars and do not sell their affections or love for money. Our people are honourable even if Mr. ‘Honourable’ has dishonoured them publicly, bringing insults and ridicule to our leaders, parents and hardworking youths.
“We also want Wole Oke to wake up from his slumber. Egboro land is blessed with so many great men and women who have selflessly contributed to its development and continue to do so. These are great men and women who are not interested in buying the love and affection of the people but are driven by a noble heart and sincere intentions.


“Wole Oke ‘s claims on Facebook is proof that whatever he does for the society is not selfless but borne out of  a desire to purchase the people’s goodwill for his electoral successes and ego. It is truly disappointing to see a representative of the people quantify their affections in such a ridiculous way, and undermine their feelings. The people of Egboro land have done absolutely nothing to be treated this way. Let us place it on record that the constitutency has given him more than what he could ever pay back or achieve by himself.


“It is our considered opinion that Wole Oke should very quickly tender a public apology to the people. I will personally write a letter to the Kabiesi of Ijebu and other leaders to ensure we don’t continue to take such insults from politicians again.


“Let it be clear to Hon. Wole Oke that we the youths of Ijebu Ijesa do not recognise him again as we are irritated by his insults on us and our people. There is no knowledge of how else he wrongly perceives our people or what this perception will lead him to do.


“In fact, what he personalizes as a donation may be little out of the people’s constituency entitlement.


“We simply refuse to identify with Wole Oke henceforth. His Facebook post has revealed his sinister mind and how he sees us all. We refuse to be objectified and quantified for ego and personal gain.”

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