Slowly but gradually, the electorates in Ekiti State, Nigeria are moving towards July 14, 2018 when the people of the state intend to vote in another governorship candidate to direct her affairs for another four years.  However, at the moment, the opposition party, All Peoples’ Congress has many wannabes parading themselves as the best man for the job but so far only Senator Babafemi Ojudu and a few others can be seriously said to be in the race while others constitute mere political nuisance.

Here are ten facts that make Senator Babafemi Ojudu stands out from these few others.

  1. Firstly, Senator Babafemi Ojudu remains the only contestant in his party, APC that has defeated the incumbent governor, Ayodele Fayose before in an election. In 2011, Ojudu contested for the position of a senator in Ekiti Central Constituency against Gov. Fayose and won with a landslide victory.  In that election, Senator Ojudu polled 67,747 votes as against Fayose’s votes of 29, 773, if one subtracts that mathematically, Ojudu won Fayose with 37,974 votes. What a landslide victory and this may be repeated if Ojudu is given his party’s ticket to contest against Gov. Fayose’s proxy in July 2018.


  1. Senator Babafemi Ojudu is a man of integrity both in private and public service. It is on record that no one has ever accused or alleged that Ojudu enriched or engaged in any corrupt practices either in his private life, business or in public office. As a senator in the 7th National Assembly where some of his fellow lawmakers engaged in sharp practices and connived in looting the commonwealth of the country, Senator Babafemi Ojudu served distinguishably in the various offices, committees and capacities that he was given. He is no doubt, Mr. Integrity!

  1. He is an accomplished journalist, human right activist, political strategist, philanthropist and true democrat. It is on record that as a journalist, Ojudu used his pen to stimulate, correct, opine, educate and fight errant government and its officials at many periods in our country’s history. He was among those who fought military aberration in Nigerian politics and one of the notable compatriots who fought for the entrenchment of democracy in Nigeria. For this cause, Ojudu was unjustly persecuted, jailed and threatened by various past military government in Nigeria especially the Abacha’s government. Today, Ojudu strongly believes that Ekiti state needs to be rescued from the current locust and he is ready to lead the fountain of knowledge to an enviable position in Nigerian body politics.

  1. Senator Ojudu is a proactive, dynamic, youth friendly and sagacious politician. Where others see problems, what Ojudu sees are plethora of solutions. He is proactive and always brings well-articulated and journalist urgency to solve challenges especially in governance. He remains the only aspirant in APC in Ekiti that has a well-defined and articulated policy document and manifestoes tagged “ FINE AGENDA”

  1. Senator Babafemi Ojudu is Ekiti, Ekiti is Ojudu. It is an open secret that senator Ojudu loves his dear state and he does not joke with any matter that concerns fountain of knowledge. It is on record that Ojudu as a private citizen and even now that he is a public figure has contributed to the development of the state in no small measure. He gives scholarship to indigent indigenes of Ekiti from primary to tertiary education. It is also on record that he has trained and sponsored many Ekiti indigenes to acquire education at various levels some of these beneficiaries were sent to study abroad and have become great ambassadors of Ekiti in various professions such as medicine, law, finance, engineering, accounting just to mention but a few. If anyone is in doubt ask Dr. Lee!

  1. Ojudu is humility personified! I have never seen a humble, culture and respectful son of Ekiti as Ojudu. On comparative basis among the current contestants for the position of Ekiti Governor in APC, when it comes to humility, respect and what the Yorubas’ call “omoluabi” Ojudu is no 1. No matter your age, colour, sex or position or social status, Ojudu never look down on anyone and he accords everyone respect any time any day. This fine gentleman is humble to a fault and this which Ekiti people both home and abroad can testify.

  1. Senator Babafemi Ojudu is well connected. Ojudu may not be in the category of the Dangotes, Odetolas, Dantatas etc. but the man’s goodwill and connection to people who matter and to various organizations, institutions and agencies in Nigeria and beyond is commendable. It is believed that if he is elected as the next governor of Ekiti, he can strategically use his deep connections to advance the development of Ekiti Economically and bring positive investment opportunities to the state.


Femi Ojo is  a political scientist by academic training, a media communications strategist by profession and a blogger by hobby who lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

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