Investment Promotion and Development: Attention- Ekiti State Governorship Aspirants

By Maxwell Adeyemi Adeleye

The God almighty in his infinite mercy bestows and reserves the following Mineral Resources in all the 16 Local Government Areas of Ekiti State.

Therefore, as the election of whom will be replacing the incumbent Governor, Ayo Fayose in October gather momentum, i say with due respect and humility that any of you that wear the crown should endeavour to, through Public Private Partnership (PPP), explore these mineral resources towards economic development and industrialization of the state; at least, to create jobs and drastically reduce hunger and poverty ravaging the land.

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  1. Kaolin: This mineral resource is freely given to Ekiti people. It is reserved in all the 16 Local Government Areas (LGAs) of the state. However, the deposit of Kaolin at Isan-Ekiti in Oye Local Government, is the 4th largest on the continent of Africa. For the record, Kaolin is used for, and by the following: Refectories manufacture, chemical industries, cement abrasives, plastics, ceramic wares, pharmaceuticals, textiles, fertilizers, white tiles, insulators, wares, pencils and so on.
  2. Cassiterite otherwise known as Tin ore: This mineral resource is in large quantity across the towns and villages in Ijero Local Government Area of Ekiti State. It could be used for, and by the following: Tin plating, Tin Can production, Alloys, Culico Printing and Dyeing.
  3. Columbite: A land enjoying the grace of God, this mineral resource can only be found in large quantity in Ijero Local Government Area of Ekiti State in the whole of Yoruba land. It could be used for, or by the following: Special Teels, Electronic Tube, Filaments in Rocket and Air Craft Manufacture, Nuclear Engineering and Alloys for Gas Turbines.
  4. Bauxite which everyone calls Aluminium Ore: Orin-Ekiti in ido/Osi Local Government Area of Ekiti State is the only town in Ekiti State that God reserves this mineral resource either in small or in large proportion. It is mainly used for Aluminium Production.
  5.  Foundry Sand: It is deposited in IjeroLocal Government Area in commercial quantity. It is used for Ceramic and Manufacture of Ware.
  6. Charnokite Granite: This is in large proportion at Ikere-Ekiti, Ado-Ekiti, Emure-Ekiti and Aramoko-Ekiti. Construction firms use this mineral resource for Stone Cutting and Polishing of Aggregates.
  7. Talc and Feldspar: These could be found in large quantity in all the land across Ijero-Local Government Area for commercial purposes. They are used for, and by the following: Paint, Cement, Toiletries, Furnaces and Manufacturing of Glass.
  8. Tantalum: This costly and juicy mineral resource us available only in Ijero Local Government Area of Ekiti State in commercial quantity in the whole nation of Nigeria. It is used for, and by the following: Manufacture of Dental, Surgical and Military Instruments and Equipments.


In conclusion, as you are all striving for insignia of power, I wish you divine wisdom, knowledge and understanding till the end. I urge you to work for posterity and build good legacies that people will remember you for. Obafemi Awolowo died 30 years ago yet no one dare say ill about him anywhere in Yoruba Land.


God bless Ekiti State.





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