An Oppressed and the God of Wole Oluwasuji


By Maxwell Adeyemi Adeleye

Seven years ago, a boss, mentor and benefactor, Clement Olawole Oluwasujiwas materially, professionally, financially and emotionally oppressed out of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko, without any justification as far as I knew.

He was dismissed for not supervising an examination paper that had earlier been postponed but was rescheduled without a proper announcement.

He got a harsh judgment in the hands of a powerful cabal envying his progress within his department.

He was sacked without any gratuity. He lost his job. He was decayed. He must never be seen five kilometers to the INSTITUTION.

His PhD thesis was thrown away four times within four YEARS by the cabal.

A brilliant man paraded before his students like a Lilliput, He left AAUA crying and wailing like a toddler deprived of his mother’s breast.

“Caribbean, these people have killed me alive” he said to me but I told him “Oga, keep moving, the truth shall prevail, one day”.

A true son of Ikere-Ekiti, embedded with courage and determination to succeed in the midsts of raging catastrophes, ” Oga Wole “, as we used to call him, moved on with life, using the instrumentalities of LAW to fight his OPPRESSORS.

Exactly SIX after his sack, the cabal against him lost power in Ondo State.

And exactly SEVEN years after his dismissal, the Axe of justice dangled on the Heads of his oppressors!!

WOLE Oluwasuji REINSTATED by Appeal Court into AAUA Department of Political Science!!!

His salaries arrears from Nov. 2010 till November 2017 be paid within 30 days.

…Back into office with Rank that he ought to be now if he hasn’t been dismissed!!

What a mighty God we serve!!!!

OLUWASUJI was sacked being Mr. OLUWASUJI, today, he’s Dr. OLUWASUJI.

He got his PhD from another university while fighting against his oppressors in the academic firmament.

It was a double portion of exceeding grace.

Oluwasuji got his PHD the same week he was reinstated back into AAUA.

If you are an oppressor and you are reading this, DO REPENT TODAY or else the God of Oluwasuji will unravel your tangle.

Every oppressor have a date with God. Nothing last forever and a Just shall not die in place of the wicked as long as God Liveth.

welcome back to AAUA Dr. Wole Oluwasuji.


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