Let’s wake up, our elders have failed us, Youth Leader charges Nigerian Youths

Nigerians should look at the direction of young professional, competent and intelligent full of integrity among the aspirants coming up for the 2019 general election.


The above were the affirmation of the Convener and Founder, Forum for Emerging Leaders (FELs), Comrade Blessing Akinlosotu on Friday while addressing Journalists in Transcorps Hilton Hotel, Abuja.


The Ondo born social critic noted that going by the records and statistics of corruption, mismanagement and bad leadership in Nigeria, one will conclude that the leaders have failed the good people of this country and seeks the understanding of the electorates to change them come 2019.


He urged the young people to start giving themselves some senses and courage of “We can do it” and make Nigeria to be great among the committee of developed nations.


Akinlosotu said moving round the country will surely inform the youth the level of destruction and damage the past leaders have done to this country.


He averred that Nigeria doesn’t have good road, no portable hygienic water, no good health care, no institution and school, no light, no basic social amenities among many other good things.


“We need to wake up, they have failed us so long and we can’t continue to remain slave in our very own land. If we don’t take the bull by the horn, we are surely going to suffer and the next generation will ask us questions and challenge us as coward to have allowed the country to get to that level.


“We still have good brains among us, this is the time to come together for the development and reshaping of this country to the dream of our founding father.” he said.



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