Vote Vision-Filled, Not Popular Candidates, YPNI Charges Nigerian Youths

…Holds Seminar on SMEs, Citizens Roles In Constitutional Development


By Omoyajowo Ogunyemi


In furtherance to the opening Lecture held on Friday 21st April 2017, the Young Progressives Nigeria Initiative (YPNI) on Friday 19th of May, 2017 held the third edition of its Entrepreneur and Skill Acquisition Training for the unemployed Youths at Ijebu-ode, Ogun State.


The Lecture which holds every fortnight Friday was held at the Event Auditorium domicile inside the main bowl of Otunba Dipo Dina Stadium in Ijebu-ode.


YPNI, whose one of its objective is to define, redefine and impact Nigerian core values on the youth is a non-partisan socio-cultural organization aimed at encouraging and promoting a sense of patriotism and nationalism among progressive-minded Nigerians below the age of 40.


The guest speaker at the event, Dr Adeshina Fagbenro, a trained lawyer, Economist and development consultant, delivered a Lecture titled “Roles of Citizens in Constitutional Development”.


Fagbenro, who has an Honorary Doctorate degree in Humanities, enlightened the participants on the importance of performing their civic rights and duties as citizens of a country.


Fagberon spoke extensively on the roles of citizens in constitutional development. He advised participants to be mindful of political sycophants who would want to induce them with cash or other incentives during elections.


“Government charges us from tax every day, we pay tax in almost every activity we engage in daily. So we should not be lured by the little 5,000 or 10,000 to vote people into political offices. i.e exercise your Civic rights responsibly. Do not vote for the popular candidate but for a vision filled candidate.” He said.


Furthermore, Miss Bimbo Johnson, a lawyer, presented a lecture titled “Legal matters relating to SME”.


According to Miss Johnson, “SMEs is the solution to our problems in Nigeria”, adding that if factors that lead to the fold up of SMEs are removed, the sustainability of the society would be possible.


“Due to Lack of Capital, Poor management and unsound “fluctuating market many SMEs go out of business, however through Proper management, Good Record keeping and Sound legal advice, SME’s would turn around to become self sustaining business on the long run”. She stressed.


Fagbenro who is the CEO of MotherGold Consulting in an interview with TheElite Times correspondent, Described YPNI as a great progressive initiative for Social and Youth development which does not only impact entrepreneurship skills on youths but also develops their social alertness and points them in the right direction.


“Any infrastructure that has to be renewed anytime you go to the toilet is No infrastructure. That’s why the saying says Teach me how to fish rather than giving me the fish. The person giving you the fish teaches you how to be dependent while the person teaching you how to fish help in making you Independent” Said.


Dr Fagbenro charges YPNI members to focus their attention on the development of SMEs towards economic growth.


In his words, “Places develop according to the rate of circulation in the community, the more diverse SMEs within a community the more cash retention and less cash efflux from such community.”

YPNI is a vision filled organization, compelled with the dream of actualizing a unified Nation with progressive youths who can together; create a better future for our Country.


The next edition of the ongoing three months acquisition lecture training holds on the 2nd of June, 2017 at the same venue. As the Entrepreneurship training continues every Monday to Wednesday.

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