Olabimtan: 60 Hearty Cheers to a Leader of Leaders

By Babajide Akeredolu


Rt. Hon. Victor Adakanye Olabimtan embodies the best of virtues of a true nationalist. His life has been dedicated to advancing the course of humanity and it is only right that we celebrate this man of many parts who has dedicated his entire life in selfless service to the people.

 An examination of the life of the Supare-Akoko born philanthropist cum politician reveals decades of distinct humanitarian and selfless service from his early days as an active undergraduate to his latter days as a politician.

 As Student Union leader at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), he used his position to right wrongs while on campus. His unique achievements in his leadership capacity include ensuring that a non-Yoruba indigene was, for the first time, elected the Secretary General of the University of Lagos Students Union (ULSU) for the 1980/81 academic session. It was uncommon and unprecedented but accurately represented a detribalized Nigerian who was far ahead of his time.

In 1993, during his tenure as an official of the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) in the old Ondo state, he was harassed and detained by the government for fighting for the rights of teachers in the State. As a willing team player, he achieved great success through collaboration with his peers and other leaders.

As a result of his constant devotion to truth and progressiveness, the people of his constituency gave him their mandate to represent them at the Ondo State House of Assembly in 2003. There, he was elected Speaker of the House of Assembly. As Speaker, he used his position together with other colleagues in the house to enact laws and bills that provided long term benefits for the people of the State.

 It must also be said that the House presided over by him was not regarded by the stakeholders in the State as the ‘House of Approval’ because he was always active and kept the Executive Arm on their toes through purposeful legislative oversight.

In furtherance of his zeal and desire to contribute to the development of the State, Olabimtan was appointed the chairman of the Ondo State Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM). He used his position as head of TESCOM to sanitize the commission and to ensure that its goals and objectives were achieved.

Olabimtan’s tenure represented the last time the government of Ondo state engaged in the successful recruitment of teachers into the teaching service. This feat was only achieved because of his determination and passion for excellence in the education sector.

His stint at the Federal Civil Service Commission as a representative of Ondo, Ekiti and Edo State featured several unprecedented achievements. For instance, he used his position to fast-track various employment opportunities for youths from the three states he represented.

 His love for fairness and equity ensured that qualified people were engaged not only from his constituency but from across every nook and cranny of the three states. These actions engendered much goodwill towards him.

We celebrate him today because of his interest in the empowerment of the younger generation, his community and the people of Ondo State. In his quest to encourage the youths in the areas of education and development, he has consistently awarded scholarships to students across the State and beyond. This gesture from him has furthered the careers of underprivileged students who ordinarily would have been sent out of school but for his intervention. Olabimtan continues to sponsor many indigent students across tertiary institutions both in and outside the country.

Beyond his philanthropic efforts, Victor Olabimtan is also renowned for his sense of camaraderie. Although he didn’t clinch the governorship ticket of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the recent primaries, he congratulated the winner of the primary and promised to work with him, which he did wholeheartedly.

The national hierarchy of the APC appointed him the Director General of the Akeredolu Campaign Platform (ACP) in view of his worth, wealth of experience and unwavering desire to see positive development in the State. His leadership resulted in the unprecedented victory of Akeredolu in fourteen of the eighteen council areas of the State. He spearheaded a well-coordinated campaign and his role in the victory of the core progressives over the conservatives in Ondo State cannot be overemphasized.

Rt. Hon. Victor Olabimtan, sir, I say with all humility that you are a wonderful man that I admire. You always know how to light a fire and you certainly outwit, outlast, and outplay the rest of your contemporaries.  

A kind who listens and seems to care; i say expressly unbehalf of the Akeredolu’s clan that we are lucky to have someone as nice, honest, sincere and reliable as you.  You deserve all of the happiness in the world times two.

I just wanted to take a moment to say have a wonderful 60th birthday. I hope you have a phenomenal 60th birthday. Celebrate it in style and in a grand way.

On behalf of the Akeredolu clan, I would like to take a moment to wish you a wonderful 60th birthday. I hope you celebrate it in grand style.

I wish you more wisdom, knowledge and understanding to triumph against the tangles of life and the grace to live in good health till the end. Cheers.


Babajide, a descendant of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State, sent this piece from Owo. He can be contacted via babse@aketi.org

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