Exposed: Buhari’s P.A who is condemning 2face’s protest protested against Jonathan

Lauretta Onochie, a PA to President Muhammadu Buhari on Social Media who has been condemning the planned nationwide protest by music star 2face protested against ex-President Goodluck Jonathan in 2012.


Photos which surfaced online today revealed that Ms Onochie participated in fuel subsidy protest of 2012 in Lagos.


She has also taken to her Twitter page to defend her principal of not creating Nigeria’s problem. She said the President is aware of the problems and working to solve them.


“President Buhari knows Nigerians are facing hardships. He does not just know it, he is working to alleviate those sufferings.


“It’s callous, unfair and brutally irresponsible to label President Buhari as living in denial that Nigerians are going through hard times.


“It’s known we are in recession. How can d President of a nation in recession live in denial that his people are going through hard times?


“When we lie about things that are verifiable, our integrity calls for questioning. We can make our points by presenting facts as they are,” she wrote.


She claimed the President has no magic wand but said Mr Buhari promised the suffering will end by 2017.

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