Remembering Fallen Heroes

By ‘Deji Adesogan

Armed Forces Remembrance Day Parade holds on 15 January every year. It is the day aside to remember service personnel that paid supreme sacrifice during the 2nd World War, the Nigerian Civil War and other operations within and outside the shore of the nation of Nigeria.


Religious services to commemorate the remembrance day holds on the last Sunday for Church services and last Friday for Juma’at prayers which are preceeding to the d-day. Both National and Regimental Colours are carried on parade.


Of recent, Nigerian Armed Forces has performed and still performing creditably well in the war against Terrorism in North-East, Militancy in Niger-Delta, Herdsmen banditry in NorthWest and other internal security operations across the country.


The good leadership qualities of present COAS, Lieutenant-General Tukur Buratai has rekindle our hope in the Nigerian Army in defending the armless Nigerians against insecurity and threat to national security.


Today 15 January we are celebrating and  remembering our Gallant Soldiers (dead and alive) that fight to create peace and unity in Nigeria, “they speak to give silence, they train to get fit, they kill to live, they live to kill, Confidence and respect is not sold in the World Trade Centre, it’s earn by Nigerian Military.


Who else could challenge in the face of death if not our gallant troops, they do not see death as threat, it’s an obstacle they always cross so as to be a valiant compatriot whose name will never be washed away in the face of a million flood. Their family and friends are far away from them.


What else could be so honourable than to defend your Fatherland. They suppress those who oppress, to impress the depressed, defend the defenseless. Field they sleep, sea they sail, sky they fly, to tread on the wings of the octopus and give peace to our people. They will fight till they die, sail till they sink, fly till they crash to restore anomie to normality. Three in one, they stand as one in togetherness to build a great nation”.


Citizens and the Government should see security of lives and properties as collective effort not security agencies work alone. God Bless Nigerian Armed Forces!!!






Deji Adesogan is an Abuja based Security Consultant


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