Governor Ayo Fayose: Please GOSSY WATER, Our Corporate Identity Must Not Die

I raised the issue of Gossy water, a brand owned by United Africa Company (UAC) liquidating on February 6th due to indebtedness of over TEN YEARS to BANKS running to billions but some people chose to blame the Governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose for the ugly development because the manufacturing plant of the firm is located in the state.


Their argument is that EKSG (like others), has shares in the firm thus must not be allowed to fold up.


In reality, the death of Gossy will be catastrophic to Ekiti State than any other state or individual. NO DOUBT. But i do not think blaming Ekiti Govt is the solution.


The news of Gossy water folding up makes me SAD. The brand represents Ekiti and i am proud of it. I drink GOSSY and EVA but Gossy first anywhere i see the two brands. GOSSY was coined from the name: IKOGOSI which is the host community of the manufacturing firm.


On liquidation, the firm smartly blamed lack of power supply to Ikogosi as the reason behind the latest ugly development.


I say expressly that the excuse is a lie. The excuse is a REPUTATION DAMAGE CONTROL MECHANISM concocted to cover a CORPORATE SHAME.


UAC brands are closing down their offices NATIONWIDE. The company has financial crisis nationwide. All Organizations of Gossy Water’s Standard in Nigeria is run on generator.


Administratively, the company is 100% managed by UAC. It is expected to pay tax, first, to Ekiti govt and share profit with Ekiti Govt being a shareholder.


That said, i call on the government of Ekiti State to ensure that Gossy Water does not die. The meeting of February 6th must not liquidate Gossy water.


First, the government should guarantee UAC to get SIX MONTHS moratorium from BANKS to stabilize after which the debt repayment could start.

Power Supply and Generation is the business of Central Government, however, the government of Ekiti State should do everything within her means to ensure that power is restored back to IKOGOSI and environs if truly the axis does not have power. Once power is restored, and it come at least 10 hours a day, budget for diesel will reduce, recurrent expenditure will reduce, and so more money to pay debts etc.


As per my friend, Abolayo Afiz Mosope, you need deliverance. We work together here in Lagos, inside same office. Four FIRMS closed down temporarily and permanently ARROUND us in the Month of December 2017 due to DEBT and ECONOMIC CRISIS. Two of the firms complained about irregular electricity power supply which made their budget for diesel to rise up astronomically. One closed down in our own office building.


No one blamed the government of Lagos State or Governor Akinwumi Ambode for lack of power supply which is irregular everywhere in Nigeria but due to your selfish interest, you are blaming the collapse of Gossy on Ekiti State Government because oga mi atata, Taiwo Olatunbosun was doing the job he’s being paid for.


I also have the permission of egbon Timothy Odedina to inform the public that his firm, with headquarters in Ikoyi, Lagos has temporarily closed down operations for the past 13 months. Staff  have not been paid since February 2017. They complained about cost of diesel and the Nigerian government economic haemorrhaging-metamorphosis.


Be as it may be, i join all Ekiti people to tell Governor Ayo Fayose: PLEASE GOSSY WATER, OUR CORPORATE IDENTITY MUST NOT DIE SIR!!


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